FHCC Welcomes BCA-CV

Fountain Head Country Club always enjoys hosting events for a good cause, and to celebrate those who deserve it! This Wednesday October 7th, we will be doing just that with the Breast Cancer Awareness –Cumberland Valley Inc.’s Celebration of Life Survivor’s Party. We will open our doors to local breast cancer survivors, and their guests, to celebrate those who have overcome the obstacles that one faces when diagnosed with cancer, and also to spread an awareness about the organization.

The BCA-CV is located in Hagerstown, Maryland and has been a leader in helping women in our community. They are an organization composed of breast cancer survivors and individuals concerned about this disease. They know the anxiety and questions a diagnosis of breast cancer can cause, and are here to help, as well as share their experiences and knowledge. Some of the most valuable information and emotional support comes from those who have faced the same experience, which is why this organization is so important. Through community involvement, the BCA-CV’s mission is to promote an understanding of the impact of breast cancer, and ensure that no one faces it alone. Many consider this organization as a key component in the path to survival. With that said, we are honored to host such an amazing event for an organization filled with so many strong and caring individuals.