Keep Calm, It's Date Night!

We at Fountain Head country Club know that it is hard to find time for an evening to yourself, and even harder to find a decent babysitter! That’s why we are partnering up with the YMCA of Hagerstown for a “Date Night” at FHCC. The YMCA will be offering childcare services at Fountain Head Country Club on Saturday, August 8th from 6 PM to 9 PM for ages 6 months and up! Members can use this time to dine at the club, catch a movie, whatever you wish, the night is YOURS!

The YMCA will have games, crafts, and other activities, as well as a light snack for your kids! The YMCA of Hagerstown, which is one of the largest non-profit community service organizations in the US, has a professional qualified staff that will provide quality childcare and fun activities for you children while you take time to unwind! With part of their mission being to build strong kids, families, and a healthy mind body and spirit for all, this night is sure to please everyone involved!

So mark your calendars for Date Night on August 8th, and start planning your evening!