Celebrating the United Way!

Fountain Head Country Club is pleased to be hosting the United Way of Washington County’s Annual Dinner on June 25th in our ballroom. This event is open to the public and will be featuring a report to the community on the United Way’s work in Washington County. There will also be nominations to the Board of Directors and slate officers, as well as two key volunteer awards included on the dinner’s agenda…not to mention a delicious dinner menu prepared by our Executive Chef and skilled kitchen staff! The United Way of Washington County is a volunteer-led local, human service organization with a focus on Community Impact and Advancing the Common Good. They focus on Education, Income, and Health which they believe are the building blocks of a good quality of life and the pathway to opportunity. The United Way also strongly believes that changing situations will lead to improvement of our community's quality of life. The United Way has been a part is Washington County for many years and continues to do amazing things throughout our community! Visit their website for more information and details about registering for this event!