Come Check Out Our New Rides!

They’re heeerreeeee!! Fountain Head Country Club is excited to announce the arrival of four brand new Golf Skate Caddies! What the heck is that you ask?? Well, think of it as your own personal chauffeur/caddy for your next golf game. The Golf Skate Caddy company has given us four motorized standing caddies to use in the summer months as a golf cart alternative. Golfers can hop on one of these and cruise around with their golf bag securely strapped to the front while the Golf Skate Caddy takes them all around the course on various terrains. These golf caddies travel the same speed as a golf cart, so you can play in the same amount of time and can easily last 2 rounds on a single charge! They also have three speeds so you can speed up or slow down for operator comfort level! Our very own Jeremy Brown was the FIRST person to try one out in the state of Maryland, and many members have been out to try this innovative invention as well! So come on out give them a try!!!